An Second Act in Entrepreneurship

Posted by HIRE YOURSELF on Dec 26, 2018 12:40:21 AM

There are countless reasons for a corporate career to come to an end long before you’re ready to retire to your rocking chair:

  • Maybe you’ve reached a place on the corporate ladder where the only steps left to climb are ones you’d rather not take.
  • Perhaps you’ve retired early, because you wanted to, or because you were squeezed out.
  • Maybe your position has been downsized—or you think it will be soon.
  • Perhaps you’ve been grinding away at a job that’s grinding back, taking a toll on you, your family, and your spirit.
  • Maybe you’ve been hunting for a better corporate opportunity for years—but nothing you’ve discovered is appealing.
  • Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take control of your own professional fate, and now you’re finally ready to make a move.

Whatever brought you to this crossroads, if you’re looking for the fulfillment and vitality of a career without being beholden to the corporate machine, entrepreneurship has probably crossed your mind. An entrepreneurial second act is often the perfect next step for a seasoned corporate veteran who’s ready to make the leap to self-employment.

Podcast Episode:  How You Can Achieve Success Through Powerful GoalsFor many of us, though, the risks and fears that come with striking out on our own are enough to keep us from exploring our options. Fear and anxiety overtake us. If insecurities have kept you from taking your next step, consider starting down this road by investigating the possibility of investing in a franchise.

When you’re looking at launching an unknown and unproven business, there are so many variables it’s nearly impossible to sort them all out in the beginning. In franchising, though, you can systematically gather information about everything from investment threshold to time table to if and how other franchisees are succeeding during the investigation process.

Most importantly, franchising offers a self-directed alternative that lets you utilize everything you ever learned in business without hitching you back up to any corporation’s reins.

Greg's Conversion: A Buyout Becomes a Business Case StudyThis entrepreneurial option allows you to control your own destiny—without requiring you to conceive and build a new business from scratch. Instead, you can choose to invest in a successful concept supported by proven business systems.

As a franchise consultant, I help hundreds of prospective business owners each year consider the viability of franchising as a second career path. Franchise entrepreneurship is a great way to break out of the corporate world. If you’d like to know more about franchising’s possibilities, I can help you investigate your options at no cost to you. 

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Pete Gilfillan is a franchise consultant and author of the best-selling book HIRE YOURSELF: Control Your Own Destiny through Franchise Ownership. For more information, visit HIREYOURSELFBOOK.COM

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